The Abundance Program® is a 22 day commitment to yourself. It is designed to be used while taking the Abundance Essence orally and using the Abundance Oil on a daily basis.

The purpose of the 22 Day Program is to create a new framework for manifesting Abundance at any and all levels of your life. You may choose your focus to be money, relationships, work, family, health, or any area where you are experiencing lack or scarcity. It helps you to focus intention, discard useless beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours and to manifest your abundance goals with grace and ease.

Each exercise is designed to release "stuff"which no longer serves you, or to assist you in creating a particular experience of Abundance in your life. Essentially the program, along with the use of the Abundance Essence and Oil, will repattern cellular memory so that you can experience your own inner power to manifest exactly what you want

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